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Grainstor™ Works

Grainstor™ Ltd is the South Island's largest Grain storage facility

Our Silos are fully forced ventilated and monitored via a unique scada control system that makes them ideal for long term storage of cereals. We can monitor the condition of the product at any stage to ensure product integrity is maintained, and in-fact enhanced, due to constant humidity controlled airflow.

What Do We Offer?

Let us demonstrate the advantages of working with Grainstor™, where we offer the latest storage, grading, testing & grain management services.

Grainstor™ have their fingers on the pulse of market values and offer fair and secure prices and contracts that can be relied on to maintain your future price expectations.
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Common Questions

Why store with Grainstor™?

Grainstor™ only store grain that we have tested and graded to a high standard and stored in controlled conditions. Our customers can be assured of receiving a high standard of grain and are prepared to pay for assurity of quality, underlined by audited grain management systems and tracking of grains from paddock to plate.

What Grading & Testing is done?

Grainstor™ employ the very latest in grading & testing machinery. We test for all quality values including; moisture, KG/HL, protein, falling number, gluten and screening. Testing and grading is the precursor to Grainstor’s excellence in quality storage & assurance.

Market Price Security

Grainstor™ offer fair and secure prices for grain. Our contracts can be relied on to lock in your dollar return per tonne. We also pay a premium price recognising higher quality and higher value grains. Grain quality is determined through our state-of-the-art testing & grading machinery.